The holidays are right around the corner

& RPL has you covered with the perfect gift for your teen: an adventure into the world of Dungeons and Dragons in Castle Rock, CO!

Need something to give as a gift now that you’ve registered your child? Email us at and we’ll send you a letter you can print and roll up like scroll and give to your child, welcoming them to the adventure ahead!

Dungeons & Dragons: a fun, educational tool

Play is an activity that brings us together–it helps shape our minds and prepares us for the world through unique opportunities to problem solve, think critically, and communicate with others. As we get older, the door to play closes and chances to acquire and practice our skills become fewer.

Dungeons & Dragons opens that door again, providing an environment that is both fun and educational–a space where teens who didn’t learn all of their skills or need more practice with them can jump in, enjoying the sights and sounds of a fantasy world that Roll Play Lead built specifically for skill development.

Ready to send your child on an epic, social skill development adventure? See our open classes and register your child today!

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