Castle Rock Pride Festival

On Saturday, August 24th, Roll Play Lead had the pleasure of running a booth at the First Annual Castle Rock Pride Festival. The turnout was amazing we enjoyed meeting so many new people who see the benefits of role-playing games as a form of group social skill development!

We took the time to role play a few, short encounters so that those who have never played Dungeons & Dragons before could get a feel for how the game works, which was incredibly fun. Some succeeded in persuading the inn keeper to charge them less, while others had pay full price. Also, wielding a mace during our mini-session, some adventurers were lucky enough to hit the giant green dragon, while others felt the challenge of how tough dragon scales actually are!

One lucky winner took home their very own set of rainbow dice, (check your email if you entered as there’s someone out there with a winning email notification!). Congratulations to them! There were over 50 entry forms, so thank you to everyone who took the time to drop by and fill one out.

Events like this are made possible by you all! It is our pleasure to hear your stories on how you’re using role-playing games in your life, as well as sharing how we use the study of play–allowing kids to get back to a time when they safely learned the ‘rules’ of socializing–in conjunction with emergent process of leadership development, which just means being aware and attuned to what is happening in the room with the players as it’s happening and adjusting interactions as we go! Using both play and emergent processes have made us successful and keep our kids and parents coming back session after session.

Our success, of course, would not be possible without you. As we continue to grow and expand our reach and offerings, we thank you for trusting us to work with your children. Helping them become better versions of themselves is why we started this adventure and is what keeps us going. Thank you, again. We appreciate you!

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