After School Programming Information

This year we are offering two types of after school classes: the Story-Teller Campaign and Stand-Alone Sessions

Story-Teller Campaign

Adventurers are
-familiar with the rules and mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons
-part of the story telling process through role playing
-willing grow personally and with their characters

What to expect from a Story-Teller Campaign
These campaigns still include monster slaying, dungeon crawls, and tavern brawls; but, they also have an underlying story that will challenge adventurers’ critical thinking and problem solving skills by adding opportunities for them dig deeper into the societal issues facing the world on which they live. In addition, adventurers will be asked to keep the same character from session to session in order to build the story.

While sessions run for four (4) weeks at a time, we ask that you consider your adventurers ability to commit to the campaign long term, as this story will conclude with a week of Summer Camp in the summer of 2021. Of course, things will happen between now and then, but it is the goal of this campaign to build up a story, characters, and long-term friendships within the group.

We offer this class for three (3) hours a week, or a modified version for one and a half (1.5) hours a week.
Adventurers will be asked to make their own characters as part of this campaign, as well as, attend a Session 0.

Session 0s will be scheduled before the adventurer’s first class and will allow the Dungeon Master and adventurer the chance to build up their character, create history for the character within the existing world, and practice role playing. Session 0s run anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, so appointments are always 2 hours.

Stand-Alone Sessions

Adventurers are
-new to Dungeons & Dragons
-interested in experimenting with different characters and story telling aspects

There will, of course, still be a story that guides each four (4) week session, but the story will not continue after the session ends, allowing for more flexible scheduling for your adventurer and the use of new characters.
Adventurers will be given the choice of premade characters to choose from on the first day of their session–they will not be permitted to bring in their own character.

For all sessions, a parent/guardian and the registered adventurer will be asked sit down for a half an hour meeting to do an assessment that will ensure to the best of our abilities that the registered adventurer is in a class that best suits their needs.