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Classic Legends to expand its portfolio and dealership presence in India

Classic Legends, Mahindra’s two-wheeler division, is gearing up for a significant expansion in India’s motorcycle market with plans to introduce the iconic British brand, BSA, and delve into the electric vehicle segment. They are planning a fresh infusion of funds totalling Rs. 875 crores with an aim to broaden its model range and dealership network.

Classic Legends is in the final stages of planning the launch of BSA motorcycles in India, targeting the next 12-18 months for the brand to hit Indian roads. BSA, with its rich history dating back to 1861, was acquired by the Mahindra Group in 2018.

The expansion plans include introducing BSA in key markets like Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India, with a focus on manufacturing BSA’s electric motorcycles at the Pithampur plant in Madhya Pradesh. The EVs are expected to be launched around the same time as Royal Enfield’s foray into the EV space, scheduled for the first half of 2025.

Ashish Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends, expressed the company’s aspiration to become the number 2 brand in India’s midsize motorcycle segment. With a focus on product launches, network expansion and a wider global footprint, the company aims for a substantial increase in sales volumes. While refraining from sharing specific targets, Joshi sees the potential for significant growth, leveraging the recent fund infusion.

Classic Legends is also contemplating the introduction of twin-cylinder motorcycles, although Joshi emphasised that the Indian market’s demand for such bikes is currently low. While not ruling out the possibility, Joshi highlighted the company’s commitment to defining its priorities based on market demand.

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