Seasonal Creative Series

Spring 2020
Cultivating a Character: More than a Backstory

Sundays: March 15th, March 29th, April 5th, April 19th
12pm-2pm MST
Fee: $75 ($50 for each additional child)
email to register your child!

This class is online only. Please ensure your student has access to a webcam and microphone. We will use the application Zoom to hold classes.

Description: Deepen your role playing skills by delving into what makes your character unique. We’ll step away from the traditional backstory and jump into your character’s motivations, flaws, successes, hopes, and dreams. Through a series of worksheets, research, and real life examples, this course is designed to help you, the player, learn as much as you can about your character so you can better role play as them, participating further in the collective story telling process.

Helpful Texts

(these are not required, but can provide support for participants):
-5th Edition Player’s Handbook
-5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide

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