West Marches Campaign Information

Introducing a West Marches style campaign
In this unique campaign style, each session acts as its own stand-alone adventure, BUT each adventure shapes the world around the adventurers.

Characters all live in town (home-base), so while some characters are out on an adventure–those who are registered for that session–others–who aren’t registered–stay home. Those characters who are adventuring, solve mysteries, learn about the surrounding area, and get to know the local townsfolk. After their session, they head back to home-base, and depending on what they did with their time, the home-base changes. For example, say they helped rescue a local dwarven man who thought he could take on a giant, but was instead captured. When they return to home-base, perhaps that dwarf rewards them with a boost in reputation and a tale about a famed treasure in the woods to the north. The next time any of those characters who were present to learn this information have a session, they can choose to explore the woods.
If none of the threads available to characters sound interesting, there is always a job board with plenty of jobs available to them. And, who knows, maybe it will lead to some amazing discoveries!

Why a West Marches style campaign?

  1. Instead of having to commit to multiple sessions over the course of a week or more, you can register for sessions here and there, working around household schedules. The story continues no matter if the character is there or not, so it makes sense that sometimes, some characters stay at home-base while others go out on an adventure.
  2. Adventurers get to stick with the same character over the course of the campaign instead of creating numerous characters for all different one shots. They get to know their character and feel more attached to that character–leveling them up over the course of the larger story.
  3. Each session is it’s own short adventure that tells the bigger story. Adventurers have to work together to piece their own bits of information into the bigger picture, fill out the large world map as they discover new areas, and rely on each other for support and success.

Anything else to consider?

Our Discord server will be set up to encourage in-between game communication. Before a session begins, registered adventurers have to decide and agree upon which thread they want to follow. After a session ends, adventurers are highly encouraged to leave summaries of what happened, allowing other adventurers to get a glimpse into what’s going on in and around home-base.
In addition, if they build positive relationships with local townsfolk, individual adventurers will unlock rumors, expanding the scope of what they can do during their next session. On the flip side, bad behavior is punished: you can’t just walk into a shop, rob it, and not expect a consequence. Both sides of this coin help develop critical thinking, empathy, frustration tolerance, and problem solving.
Role-playing together in-between sessions is a great stress relief, encourages communication, and allows adventurers a chance to step into someone else’s shoes.

The technical details:

-Classes, unless specifically stated, are for teens 11-18 years of age.
-We use the application Discord, which can be downloaded on phones, tables, and computers. It offers both voice and video, in addition to text channels, which we will use regularly.
-All adventurers will need a free account on Roll20, which will contain their character sheet and our adventuring maps.