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Roll Play Lead is an organization that helps support the social growth and development of teens by using the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. RPL’s social groups bring together teens, many of whom struggle with socialization due to ADHD, anxiety, depression, and Autism, to grow their capacity in self awareness and leadership. Developing skills like problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and frustration tolerance RPL creates a friendly, welcoming environment that pushes teens out of their comfort zones and allows them to grow. Our social groups are perfect for neurodiverse and neurotypical teens who are looking to make friends, learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons or find a regular group, and have a great time!

Why is play so important?

Play is an activity that brings us together–it helps shape our minds and prepares us for the world through unique opportunities to problem solve, think critically, and communicate with others. As we get older, the door to play closes and chances to acquire and practice our skills become fewer.

Dungeons & Dragons opens that door again, providing an environment that is both fun and educational–a space where teens who didn’t learn all of their skills or need more practice with them can jump in, enjoying the sights and sounds of a fantasy world that Roll Play Lead built specifically for skill development.

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Learn me about Roll Play Lead’s methods here.