About Roll Play Lead

Our Mission

Many teens live with anxiety and struggle to develop soft skills like strong communication, the ability to work in groups, and how to think critically. This anxiety causes them to struggle in school–whether they should raise their hand to answer that question; talk to a peer in the classroom for help; or, for some, even trying to make it through the whole day.

It is Roll Play Lead’s mission to support the social skill growth of teens who live with anxiety and other forms of mental illness through leadership development in the form of table top role playing games (TTRPG), mainly Dungeons and Dragons.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Roll Play Lead to expand our scope to incorporate children of a variety of ages and challenges in development. We plan on working closely with at-risk youth in under-served areas and detention centers, as well as support local charities.
We hope to extend our reach to children’s hospitals where we can enrich their lives through play and imagination.

About the Founder

Jamie is a graduate of Towson University with her bachelor’s in English. She then continued on to the University of San Diego to earn her master’s degree in Leadership Development. She spent several years working with teenagers and adults in their early 20’s developing leadership skills through a series of workshops she created for her company.

As a giant nerd, even in her early days, it was no surprise that Dungeons & Dragons made its way into her life with such fervor. Not long after learning to play, she made the connection that skill development was embedded into the framework of the game, and she began contemplating what it would look like to merge her educational and professional backgrounds with her passion for the nerd world.

Getting support from organizations like Game to Grow, she found herself connected to the STAR Institute, volunteering as the Dungeon Master for games to support children with Sensory Processing Disorder. Not long after, she launched Roll Play Lead, focusing on helping teens develop social skills.

When she’s not playing Dungeons & Dragons, she can be found camping in the mountains, playing video games, or working at her other job! She is passionate about helping people go from where they are to where they want to be and is beyond grateful at the chance to do two things she loves: support her community and play Dungeons & Dragons!