The New Queen’s Handmaiden

After escorting a caravan the characters find themselves in the sleepy, little town of Hillsdale; however, things are not as sleepy as they first appear. Children have gone missing and a secret power that has been imprisoned for hundreds of years is starting to stir. It’s up to the party to work together, think creatively, and problem solve to save the day.

The New Queen’s Handmaiden is the first adventure module from Roll Play Lead and is designed specifically to support social skill growth. This is a perfect introductory adventure for new players and is built for Dungeon Masters who want to integrate RPL’s social skills teachings and leadership principles into their game. Players can then take these skills and integrate them into their daily life.

Ruleset: 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons
Setting: Any
Party Level: 1st-3rd

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’10 Check-In Questions to Get the Conversation Started’ Worksheet

If you order your copy of the New Queen’s Handmaiden before December 10, 2020 you will receive our worksheet “10 Check-In Questions to Get the Conversation Started.” These questions will help you launch your sessions and get your players thinking about both theirs and their characters’ backstories.

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