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2020 Fundraising Drive

2021 is right around the corner and we have some big plans in the works, which is why we’re asking for your help on Giving Tuesday. Our goal, by the end of 2020, is to raise $10,000!

Here are some of the events, activities, & technologies your donations are going to help make happen:

A place of our own–the recreation centers have been vital to getting us through our first full year, but we want a space we can call our own. This space will include things like a library of books & board games, comfy spaces to hang out, & food & drinks. This will become a social focal point for our adventurers.

Awesome prizes for our weekly Discord contests–each week we run a contest that allows adventurers to get creative & then we vote on the winners. We would like to be able to offer some great rewards for their creativity.

Sleep away summer camp–D&D for a few hours a day is fun, but at RPL we think several days in a row all focused on fun D&D related things with a bit of sleep in between is way better! This overnight camp will be a once in a lifetime experience that will create lifelong friends and memories.

We hope you will consider helping partner with us in our fundraising goal.

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Other Ways to Support Roll Play Lead

Paypal Donation
We run online creative contests for our players, giving away D&D related prizes, which can get costly. In addition, we are hoping to run an overnight camp in the summer of 2021, pending cost and Covid-19, which is what most of the donations will support.

Hillsdale Social Skills Module – Releases December 10, 2020
Whether you want to bring social skills D&D to a classroom, home, or are just curious to see what we do, this module will help you run a mini-session and provide you with guidance on social skills DMing.

Amazon Wishlist
The day-to-day upkeep of running a small business can get costly so if you’re able to help by sending something our way, we’ll be forever grateful! Purchases made through Amazon will alleviate the over-head costs, allowing RPL to run more programs for adventurers!

Die Hard Dice Affiliate Program
November’s code: RPL-Thanks